Savannah Cat attitude

Solitary housing is not appropriate for Savannah cats as they are not suited to living as solitary animals. Because the Savannah cat is a very active breed, they need at least one other cat to play with. No matter what race they may be from.

Savannah is not just a Savannah cat, depending on the foundation (filial generation) different requirements are required for keeping. According to the legislator, lower generations such as an F1-F4 need an outdoor enclosure with a large living space. From the fifth branch generation, there is no longer any difference compared to a normal house cat.

Nami Savannah Katze schön Gelblich


Namis Savannah Katzen Tochter in Österreich

Very often you also see that some Savannahs like to go outside with the harness and leash in the little freedom with their people. Clearance is only possible in the 5th generation of branches, most of which remain within a radius of 50 m from the house. However, one should not underestimate that they have a high hunting instinct and like to bring small rodents, birds or fish home with them.

If you don’t want your Savannahs to scratch the wallpaper, you should offer enough activity and scratching opportunities. When a Savannah cat is bored, she will do anything and everything. For example, digging the earth out of the flower pots, climbing on the curtains, scratching the wallpaper or viewing objects as toys that are clearly forbidden.

There are no problems with dogs and children, but Savannah cats are very demanding when it comes to nutrition. Because of their size and strong hind legs, their jumping ability is tremendous, so Savannahs love to climb. Both sexes should be spayed at the age of 6 months so that marking behavior does not occur.

Depending on the federal state, Savannah cats of the first four generations are subject to official registration. In some federal states such as Bavaria, these are even subject to approval; in general, the requirements can vary depending on the federal state.

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