Filial Generation (Foundation) – Savannah Cat F5

Savannah cats are hybrid cats, created from a cross between a serval and a domestic cat - we only breed F5 SBT Savannah cats.

The branch generation (Foundation) indicates the degree of relationship to the Serval. F1 – F4 Savannah cats are considered Serval hybrids, from the fifth branch generation the Savannah cat is considered a house cat and without special legal requirements.
F1 is the father’s serval, F2 is the grandfather’s serval, F3 is the great-grandfather’s serval, and F4 is the great-great-grandfather, etc.



Filialgenerationen - Savannah Katze

From the 5th foundation it is possible to breed purebred Savannah cats, previously purebred Serval (Savannah) hybrids, from the 5th branch generation they are considered an independent breed, the purebred Savannah cat.

The abbreviation A indicates that only one parent is a Savannah.
In B, both parents are Savannah cats
C means that both parents and grandparents are Savannah cats
SBT are all ancestors of the last 3 generations of Savannah cats.

As a rule, a Savannah cat is mated to an F5 SBT Savannah stud, which means that the Savannah kittens are one branch generation higher.

An example: An F4 SBT Savannah cat mated with an F5 SBT Savannah stud results in F5 SBT Savannah kittens.

F1 A x F5 SBT or F4 SBT = F2 B


Generation increase or decrease

Here we have an increase in generation from F1 to F2, regardless of the stud’s foundation. Of course, with an F4 stud, in contrast to an F5 stud, there is a clear Savannah typical increase in quality.

However, if you breed an F5 SBT Savannah cat to an F4 SBT stud, the kittens are F5 SBT.

Since the foundation or generation in a Savannah mating always increases one generation from the parent with the lowest branch generation.

F4 x F6 = F5 SBT Savannah Kitten.
It doesn’t matter which parent animal corresponds to the lower branch generation.

Filialgeneration (Foundation) - Savannah Katze F5