Welcome to our kennel "Savannah Genetics",

Here in the menu item “Our kennel” we want to explain the way we proceed in our hobby breeding. To be able to take a picture of us in advance.

As soon as the second Savannah kitten is born, we weigh the first kitten. After that, the kitten comes in a red lighted brood box. In which the first kitten is kept for a few minutes until the birth of the second kitten is complete.

We do this so that the new Savannah mother doesn’t accidentally sit on her kitten. We start directly with the weight checks, twice a day.

Savannah Kitten auf der Waage
Gewichtstabelle für die Savannah Kitten

Weight table

Between the 10-14. The Savannah kittens open their eyes from day one, at around 3 weeks they slowly begin to explore or crawl.

Biologically appropriate raw feeding

From the fourth week of life, after they have already started exploring their surroundings on shaky legs for a week, we encourage the Savannah kittens to eat. With pureed wet food, minced beef and day-old chicks.

Fütterung einer Savannah Katze (BARF)2
Savannah Kitten am Frischfleisch essen - Barf

Goat's milk per special rearing bottle

In order for the kittens to learn to be housebroken faster from the 4th week of life, a playpen is required in which the sleeping place and the place to eat are available next to the kitten litter box. It’s a well-known fact that baby cats have short intestines, so the litter box needs to be close at hand.

Kitten playpen

That is why the constricted area has to go through the playpen until the 6th week of life, when the kittens break out of the playpen. Of course, that doesn’t matter at all, that’s when the kittens have to learn to stay housebroken in larger rooms until they are handed over. To encourage this, there is a litter box in the middle of the room.

From the 5th week of life, the kittens slowly start to play actively and are more stable in their gait. Meanwhile, the Savannah kittens are curious to explore their surroundings and experience new things. Like, for example, the visit from our little siblings between the ages of 4 and 12. They help us to imprint the kittens on children. So that later you won’t be afraid of you.

socialization to children

Furthermore, the kittens get to know the television, also loud music.

In order to free the kittens from the fear of the vacuum cleaner, we drive the vacuum cleaner through the kitten's room and also in the playpen every day.

Most of the time, by doing this, we get the Savannah kittens to chase the vacuum cleaner and want to play with it.

From the 7th week of life, the kittens begin to develop clear character traits and discover their preferences. Most discover the benefits, such as sleeping under the covers with us overnight. They begin to relate to us and follow us room to room.

Savannah Kitten und Kinder